Creating Midjourney Images: Two Characters Explore Sea Caves

I created these images using Midjourney version 6 alpha prelease. See instructions how to get access to this version at the end of the post.

The prompts used are variation on this:

At dusk a man and woman of mixed race swim with powerful headlamps to explore the entrance to a complex series of seacaves seen near an rocky cliff island. you can see staircases and iron doorways built into the rock.

I also used the various creation tools inside Midjourney, like zooming out and re-framing the images.

How to Acces Midjourney 6 Alpha

To access Midjourney version 6 alpha prerelease, there are a few methods available:

  1. Use the alpha website:
    Go to and log in with your Discord account. This option is available to users who have generated at least 1,000 images with Midjourney.
  2. Through Discord settings:
    In the Discord server, type “/settings” and select MidJourney Model V6 Alpha from the menu.
  3. Add a parameter to your prompt:
    When creating an image in Discord, add “–v 6” at the end of your prompt to use version 6.
  4. Use the Midjourney website:
    Visit and log in. Then, under the “Version” dropdown menu, select V6.

It’s important to note that access to V6 alpha is currently limited. Initially, it was only available to users who had generated over 10,000 images, but Midjourney has since lowered this threshold. As of February 2023, users who have created at least 1,000 images should be able to access the alpha version.

To check your eligibility, you can type “/info” in a Midjourney Discord channel to see how many images you’ve generated. If you meet the criteria, you should see new channels like “Alpha Testing” available to you in Discord.

Keep in mind that as this is an alpha release, features and access methods may change over time.

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